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Quidditch, a New Collegiate Sport Sensation?

November 13, 2010

The fantasy game from the Harry Potter universe, quidditch, is played on brooms and includes a magic ball called a “snitch,” meaning it’s not likely played faithfully amongst the muggle community.  However, it’s not for lack of trying! Over the years, numerous colleges and high schools around the world have tried to adapt the game [...]

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Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

July 20, 2009

No one can doubt the popularity and impact of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter book series.  I personally think they’re great — fantasy, but very real and very well-written.  The movie adaptations, however, are a different story.  There have been four different directors throughout the six movies.  Cutting the book’s content into the movies has been the biggest rub.  My [...]

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