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Wisconsin Judge Tosses Walker’s Union Law

September 16, 2012

On Friday, Dane County circuit court Judge Juan Colas threw out just about all of the famous collective bargaining law passed by Governor Scott Walker and the state legislature, which modeled to other cash-strapped states a politically successful way to deal with unsustainable public employee union costs moving forward. Judge Colas wrote that the law [...]

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Recalling Bob Menendez

March 16, 2010

New Jersey’s non-comatose Democrat Senator, Bob Menendez, just got some bad news today.  As it turns out, NJ is one of 18 states which has a recall provision on elected representatives, so a Tea Party activist attempted to recall Bob Menendez.  Well, that effort just passed its first hurdle — a three-judge panel has allowed [...]

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Don’t Bother Sheila While She’s on the Phone

August 13, 2009

This instant classic of Representative Sheila Jackson Lee talking on a cell phone during a question from a cancer survivor at a town hall meeting says everything.  Lee said later that she can multi-task, and that she was only calling the administration in order to get some “accurate” information for her constituents.  What happened to a [...]

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