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Reconciliation Bill to Return to the House

March 25, 2010

While the Republicans have virtually no hope of stopping ObamaCare and the reconciliation fix from passing at this time, I do take some pleasure in the fact that the GOP was able to force another vote in the House.  Senate Republicans obtained a favorable ruling from the Senate Parliamentarian yesterday, who ruled that provisions related [...]

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Thus Begins the Reconciliation Amendment Game

March 23, 2010

Sen. Tom Coburn is playing real good politics with his first amendment proposal to the reconciliation package – an amendment denying Viagra to sex offenders as part of ObamaCare.  It’s good politics because it will force Democrats to either vote for Coburn’s amendment or vote against it.  If they vote against it, they go on [...]

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Senate Parliamentarian Rules Against Democrats

March 11, 2010

The Senate Parliamentarian has ruled that the Senate cannot vote on a reconciliation ‘fix’ to ObamaCare until the original bill has become law.  This is a major setback for the Democrats, as they were trying to convince House members to go along with the Senate bill by passing the reconciliation measure first or as part [...]

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I’m Glad Scott Brown is on Our Side

March 4, 2010

Some accused Senator Scott Brown of being a RINO when he voted for Reid’s $15 billion jobs bill. Yet isn’t it worth him voting the wrong way a few times if he’s solid on the real important legislation, such as ObamaCare? Nicely said, Senator Brown.  I’m so glad he’s MY United States Senator, and not [...]

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Does He Have the Votes?

March 4, 2010

Does Obama even have the votes to pass ObamaCare via reconciliation?  Interestingly enough, the problem may lie in the House, not in the Senate.  Obama has decided to go all-in with reconciliation, but now he must convince his own caucus in the House to unite around a single bill. The original ObamaCare proposal passed the [...]

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Obama: Reconcile THIS!

March 3, 2010

Where’s the modern day Paul Revere galloping through the towns this night shouting “The White Coats are coming!  The White Coats are coming!“?  Maybe Paul’s waiting to see how things shake out over the next few weeks. As it turns out in a speech earlier today, President Obama decided that health care reform simply must [...]

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The Difficulties of Reconcilliation

March 1, 2010

Keith Hennessy, a former Senate staffer, has a very detailed article about the challenges that the reconciliation process poses for the Democrats.  The Democrats keep talking about it, but to actually execute the plan is far more difficult than it appears.  I have had my doubts on whether or not the Democrats could pull off [...]

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