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Early Pessimism about the New Republican Congress

January 2, 2011

Only two days into 2011 and with two days until the Republicans actually take over the House of Representatives, here’s a story from Fox News that pessimistically poses the Republicans as likely failures:  they won’t get along with Obama;  they will under-deliver on their promised cuts;  they won’t be able to maintain discipline even within [...]

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Obama’s Idea of Budget Cuts

November 27, 2010

When Republicans grab the reins of the public purse in January, they will have to deal with Obama and his idea of “budget cuts.”  Recently, a friend sent me this video (made about a year ago) which I think drives home the mammoth task facing the new Congress.  Forget about “austerity” when the Executive views [...]

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Whoa there! Obama’s Not Done Yet

August 24, 2010

A month ago, I elaborated on those who thought that James Carville’s criticism of Obama on the Gulf Oil Leak was opening salvo from Hillary’s 2012  Presidential campaign.  Then, outlets like the UK Telegraph and Neil Cavuto took it further, hypothesizing that Obama may not even run at all in 2012! It is true that [...]

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