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Richard Armitage

Bush Pardons 19, but Missed One Biggie

December 23, 2008

President Bush exercised his Constitutional right to pardon some folks today.  His number is up to 191 – much less than BJ or Reagan over their two terms.  Today, Bush issued 19 pardons and one commutation, none of which seem very controversial, and a couple were even posthumus. Missing from the pardons was Scooter Libby.  I [...]

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McClellan’s New Book

May 28, 2008

Former Bush Press Secretary Scott McClellan has written a book that apparently says nothing new about the Bush Administration:  Plame?  Been there (Richard Armitage, folks).  The Rove-Libby-Cheney Triumvirate of Evil?  Done That.  The government response to Katrina had flaws?  Yawn.  Bush actually at one point tried to sell his Iraq policy to the people?  I’m shocked!  [...]

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