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NJ Senator Frank Lautenberg Dies

June 3, 2013

The last World War II veteran serving in the US Senate, Frank Lautenberg, passed away this morning at 89.  Lautenberg served from 1982-2000, then came out of retirement to replace the disgraced Bob “The Torch” Torrecelli on the Democrat ticket in 2002.  He’s been there ever since. Lautenberg was a self-made man who pushed typically [...]

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Harry Reid and the “Negro Dialect” Issue

January 10, 2010

What’s with old Democrat Senators and unscripted and inappropriate racial comments?  I mean Harry Reid’s comment about candidate Barack Obama not having a “negro dialect” ain’t as bad as Robert Byrd’s “white n-word” statement from a few years back, but it still ain’t cool at all (by the way that same Democrat Robert Byrd, former [...]

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Trying to Score Points on Kennedy’s Death

August 27, 2009

Ted Kennedy’s body is not even cold yet and some are trying to win political points, shamelessly using his death to advance their political agenda.  The most obvious are those, like Robert Byrd, who want to put Ted Kennedy’s name on the health care bill in an attempt to use the spirit of mourning and [...]

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Senator Al Franken

July 1, 2009

Yes, Al Franken has been (ahem) elected a United States Senator from the state of Minnesota — Jesse Ventura and Walter Mondale-Land now has a new embarrassment! I feel bad for Norm Coleman.  He did the noble thing by conceding promptly after Minnesota’s Supreme Court handed the election to Franken after a long and arduous legal [...]

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Obama’s Czar Problem

June 6, 2009

So far, Obama has been all about appointing and keeping “czars” beyond the traditional Drug Czar or Security Czar, to all sorts of new czars:  bank bailout czar, energy czar, car czar, US border czar, urban czar, regulatory czar, stimulus accountability czar, Iran czar, Afghanistan czar, Pakistan czar, Middle East czar, cyber security czar, Great Lakes [...]

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Robert Byrd and Executive Power

February 25, 2009

You have to give Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) credit for consistency.  I do not like the man or agree at all with his politics, but he is consistent in his views on the separation of powers, no matter who is President.  Granted, he tends to believe in the supremacy of the legislative branch in his [...]

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Jesse Helms Remembered

July 7, 2008

It was very difficult writing any post that would push down Catherine Bell from front-and-center, but Marc Thiessen writes an informative piece today putting the late Conservative icon, North Carolinian Senator Jesse Helms (1921-2008), into a meaningful and positive historical context.  He was a Conservative before it was popular even amongst Republicans, and was sometimes the only [...]

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