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Catholic Bishops Rail on Obamacare

February 5, 2012

I have to admit that while I’m more than a C&E (Christmas/Easter) Catholic, I do tend to attend mass only sporadically.  Well, I HAD to attend mass this weekend to hear what my priest was going to say about the Obamacare mandate forcing religious groups to violate their consciences or be forced to only provide [...]

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Catholics Down in Worldwide Count to Muslims

March 31, 2008

Roman Catholics: 1.13 billion  v.  Muslims: 1.3 billion  I have a really big problem with this Reuters story about the above statistics.  The Vatican, using hard to verify UN statistics, indicates that the world’s Muslim population has eclipsed Roman Catholicism as the world’s largest religious sect.  I’m not concerned about nor am I playing a “my religion’s [...]

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