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Mitt’s Fit Over RomneyCare

May 12, 2011

Mitt Romney gave a high-profile speech today defending his largest political bane, RomneyCare, and offering solutions going forward to repeal and replace ObamaCare if elected President. Sometimes, I just don’t get politicians. Romney has been known for his flip-flopping over the years.  So, of ALL the issues he’s NOT going to do a complete flip-flop [...]

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Deval Patrick Praises Mitt Romney on Health Care

February 27, 2011

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick doesn’t agree with every decision his predecessor, Mitt Romney, made when he was Governor.  To be fair, Romney probably doesn’t agree with every decision Romney made either.  Nevertheless, it is newsworthy when two political rivals put partisan differences aside to praise each other, and Patrick did just that on ABC News [...]

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Why Covering Pre-existing Conditions Doesn’t Work

April 6, 2010

As a resident of Massachusetts, we’ve seen a preview of what ObamaCare has to offer carried out right here in our own state – it’s one of the reasons that Scott Brown was elected to the Senate, as we know here that government-run medicine is a disaster.  One of the major selling points of ObamaCare [...]

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In Massachusetts, Health Care is a Mess

February 11, 2010

I’ve written before about my own state’s failing socialized health care system.  The creation of what has become known as RomneyCare has introduced a supply shortage, as everyone who previously did not have health insurance is now demanding health services they didn’t get before, yet there are still the same number of doctors to fulfill [...]

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