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Ryan’s Take on the State of the Union Address

January 28, 2010

I didn’t like it. Pretty succinct, huh?! Aside from the obvious liberal crap and fake platitudes, here’s what I really didn’t like:  Obama’s Chavez-like qualities shown through a few times last night.  The way he immaturely called out the Supreme Court with a poor, populist, and inaccurate argument, knowing they couldn’t respond lest Joe Wilson-like [...]

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This one’s out of left field

November 5, 2005

According to the Providence Journal, Senator Chafee has warned of “enormous” consequences from any Democratic effort to kill the Alito appointment by stalling. Where did THAT Come from?

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MSM Harassment

November 3, 2005

Judge Alito’s poor 90-year old mother is being harassed incessantly by the MSM, according to Drudge. Do the not have any shame?

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