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SNL, Betty White, and Her Dusty Muffin

May 9, 2010

Comedy gold from the Golden Girl on last night’s SNL.  Now we can finally say that Alec Baldwin has some competition in “The Delicious Dish greatest episode ever contest.

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It’s Now Cool To Make Fun of Obama

October 4, 2009

One of the unfortunate aspects of the last year is that most of the mainstream comedians, from Leno to Letterman, and from SNL to the Daily Show, claimed that there was nothing funny about Barack Obama, and therefore they tended not to do any comedy sketches in which he was made to be the fool.  [...]

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Democrat Bi-Partisanship

February 8, 2009

On the lighter side of the whole stimulus debate, I ran across SNL’s cold opener from last night over at Sister Toldjah.  It is rather amusing, poking fun at both Republicans and Democrats, but mostly at Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.  Kristen Wiig does a great Pelosi, although Fred Armisen does a better Obama [...]

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McCain Does SNL and Olbermann’s Best Episode Ever

November 2, 2008

After losing to Bill Clinton in 1996, Bob Dole appeared on Saturday Night Live and won rave reviews for making fun of himself and the process.  Conventional wisdom at the time was that if Dole had displayed that kind of humor before the election, the race would have been much closer.  Even Bill Clinton admitted [...]

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SNL Skit Removed from NBC Site

October 7, 2008

This past Saturday, SNL had a funny and dead-on skit about the bailout bill.  It was staged as a press conference featuring President Bush, Speaker Pelosi, and Rep. Barney Frank, and also featured an appearance by George Soros.  The skit does a very good job at looking at the primary people who caused the mess, from [...]

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