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EU Dictates Going Amok: Water Doesn’t Prevent Dehydration

November 20, 2011

This top headline at the Drudge Report needs to be added to the echo chamber! After an exhaustive three-year study, European Union elites have decided that not only does water NOT by itself prevent dehydration, but that it will now be against the law to say it does on labels or in advertising bottled water [...]

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The Myth of the Persistent Vegetative State

February 4, 2010

I’ve always been a skeptic of the concept of the medical “Persistent Vegetative State.”  A lot of my skeptesism came from my father’s battle with brain cancer, which he ultimately lost back in 2002.  About a month before he died, my dad suffered a seizure that left him unable to breath on his own.  The [...]

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Obama Is the True Enemy of Science

March 10, 2009

Yesterday, as reported here and elsewhere, Barack Obama lifted the ban on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.  Taking aside for a moment the moral problems with embyonic stem cell research, as well as the fact that absolutely no promise has been found in this area of science, Obama’s action is even more insideous, [...]

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Global Climate Change

February 25, 2008

Global Climate Change is happening.  To deny that the climate is changing is to deny science itself.  Virtually 100% of climatologists argue that the Earth’s climate is undergoing change.  I fully support this argument, as it is based on sound scientific analysis and factual data.  Where I disagree, however, is the idea of man-made global warming [...]

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Consensus Science Bunk

February 14, 2008

I am an avid reader of National Review Online’s The Corner.  I typically find it a source of good intellectual discussion based in conservative principles, respectful dialog, and good common-sense.  Even when I disagree with what some of the posters of The Corner say, I still find the arguments interesting and well thought-out.  Two days [...]

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Catholicism and Science

November 4, 2005

Taking another tack on the article Mike posted, I want to rant a bit about the nearly universal acceptance of Darwinism by the MSM and by the mainstream academics. Now, I’m a person who likes science and finds it interesting, and also believe that there is a substantial body of evidence to support the theory [...]

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