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Senate Clerks Set to Read the 2000-Page Omnibus Bill Aloud

December 16, 2010

Senate Republicans, obviously upset by the 1,924 page $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill, have decided to use a procedural maneuver to actually have the bill read aloud on the floor of the Senate!  So long as a Republican remains present (or awake!) to vote “no” on any unanimous consent requests to stop reading it, it [...]

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Senate Republicans to Make Lame Ducks More Lame

December 1, 2010

In a clear understanding of what happened a month ago at the polls, all 42 Senate Republicans signed a letter to Harry Reid saying first thing’s first:  tax policy and spending, then the nanny state nonsense.  Of course, the MSM has dusted off the old 1990s handbook regarding “gridlock” and other obstructionist terms to demonize [...]

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Republicans Could Have a Leader

March 9, 2009

Some people have noticed that the Republican Party seems to be leaderless at the moment. Not that this should come as a surprise. The President is a Democrat and the GOP is greatly outnumbered in both the House and Senate. The consequences of the 2008 election do not lend themselves to one person emerging as [...]

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Grow a Spine for a Ray of Hope

January 30, 2009

Rasmussen Reports has a new poll out showing that only 42 percent of the American people support Barack Obama’s stimulus package. That’s down three points from a week ago. Although the media will not report this lackluster showing for Obama’s plan or the fact that support is dropping with the same zeal they used to [...]

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