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Sheldon Whitehouse

“Buffett Rule” Brouhaha Stirring

January 30, 2012

Rhode Island’s junior Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is planning on introducing the “Buffett Rule” tax increase this week to stoke class envy and help the President’s statist agenda.  The (ah-hem) “Paying a Fair Share Bill” indicates that people with income over $1 million will automatically pay a 30% income tax rate. Since we tax income [...]

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Sheldon Whitehouse Just Wants Some Attention

December 21, 2009

Fewer things in politics are as pitiful as an obscure back bench politician desperately seeking attention.  Take my Senator, backbench Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse for example.  A few weeks ago, he desperately tried to get his name in the headlines by using the term for one of San Francisco’s favorite indoor sports to describe Tea Party [...]

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