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Canada Holds Federal Election Again.

May 2, 2011

I don’t remember when Canada turned into Italy without the history, but here we are.  Canadians went to the polls today for their fourth federal election since 2004.  The election came about because a collection of left-wing opposition parties brought down Stephen Harper’s minority Conservative government through a vote of no confidence several weeks ago.  [...]

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Canadian Losers Unite

December 2, 2008

Stephen Harper’s days as Canada’s Prime Minister may be numbered.  That’s because the Liberals, NDP, Greens, and Bloc Quebecois have signed an agreement to replace the minority Conservative government with a coalition of their own.  The official pretext explanation given by the opposition is the financial crisis.  The real reason is that Harper’s recent push [...]

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Stephen Harper’s Conservatives Win Canadian Election

October 14, 2008

Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party was re-elected in today’s 40th Canadian Federal Election.  Although the election was dominated by other issues, Harper has always been a favorite of this site because of his unabashed conservatism coupled with his steadfast in his support for the United States and the civilized world in the War on Terror. Two [...]

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