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Sub-Prime Mortgages

Why Pay Your Mortgage? Obama Will Bail You Out!

February 18, 2009

In order to respond to the economic crisis that was caused by the government’s meddling in the housing market, forcing banks to make bad loans to people who couldn’t afford them, the Obama Administration has proposed — making more bad loans to people who can’t afford them.  After spending $750+ billion on an economic stimulus, [...]

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Where Have All the Conservatives Gone?

September 30, 2008

I enjoy reading National Review’s The Corner.  It is a great blog with some great contributors, from K-Lo, to The Great One (Mark Levin).  For the past two days, however, reading some of the contributors on the Corner has gotten my blood boiling.  From Rich Lowry and his friends, to Victor Davis Hanson, Ramesh Ponnuru, Peter Wehner, and Jim [...]

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