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Cash for Clunkers: Why Government Should Not Meddle In The Economy

July 31, 2009

The Cash for Clunkers Program, a stimulus program designed to help Detroit, gave people up to $4,500 in cash for old cars if they exchanged them for so-called “green” cars.  The program was supposed to go from last week through the end of October, but was shut down last night because of the law of [...]

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Dem Oil Bill Goes Down

June 10, 2008

Score one for capitalism today, as the Dem’s “windfall profits” tax bill couldn’t get the sixty votes needed for cloture.  Hence, the bill is dead for now.  This populist, anti-capitalist proposal underscores the success Dems have had in deflecting the issue of energy prices solely onto the producers, not the regulators.  Congress won’t let them [...]

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