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Rudy for Senate?

November 24, 2008

With the now near-certainty that SWMNBN is going to leave the Senate to become Secretary of State, speculation turns to who will replace her?  Currently, it is expected that Democrat Governor David Paterson is reportedly expected to appoint New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to fill the vacancy until a special election in 2010. [...]

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Seriously Obama, “Lipstick on a Pig?”

September 9, 2008

This guy looks like a complete ass.  Here’s what we know: We know Obama believes his own hype.  We also know that his messianic complex has taken a beating over the last week or so based on Obama’s shrinking poll numbers.  We also know, like everyone else, that Sarah Palin’s ad libbed joke from her spectacular RNC speech [...]

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“Time For Some Campaigning”

September 6, 2008

I was reading an email link a friend sent me as I sit through what’s left of Tropical Storm Hanna and got a good laugh.  Though it’s been around for a month, I just saw it and would like to share.  So, here’s a little “Jib Jab” fun for your Saturday afternoon. WARNING: She Who Must Not [...]

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