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The Inmates In Charge of the Asylum

February 11, 2009

I’ve been watching in somewhat horror the events of the last few weeks unfold.  We have this major financial crisis, which consists primarily of a series of bad assets that were created and fostered by liberal government programs.  And how are we trying to fix it?  With more liberal government programs.  TARP, by all accounts, [...]

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Here a Trillion, There a Trillion

February 10, 2009

$9.7 trillion.  That is currently how much spending has been committed by the Federal government to fix this crisis in the last year.  Of that: $800 Billion is from the now-certain stimulus $700 Billion for the TARP Program $170 Billion from the Bush stimulus last year $5.4 Trillion spent or committed in bailout buyouts by [...]

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