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GOP, Boehner Falling Off Their Own Cliff

January 2, 2013

What a mess! In a typical Obama Nation move, the Senate had three minutes to read and vote on a 154-page bill which was immediately sent over to the House and eventually voted on last night.  Obama didn’t even wait to sign it before he was on a plane back to Hawaii — he’ll likely [...]

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Obama Care W2 Stealth Tax Increase

July 8, 2010

I get millions of sky-is-falling Obama-is-evil email forwards, but one of them I received yesterday actually linked to a source (you’re all thinking “wow, that’s odd”)!  The forward was regarding changes to our 2011 W2 tax form that was included in HR 3590, aka Obama Care, now Public Law 111-148.  The forward directs you to [...]

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Is There a VAT in our Future?

February 8, 2010

Shawn Tully of Fortune Magazine seems to think so.  In fact, he predicts that a value added tax (VAT) is the only practical solution to the exploding of deficit spending that is part of Obama’s mammoth $3.9 trillion budget.  Tully argues that there are really three options to get rid of our deficit: Economic Growth [...]

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Charlie Crist Tries to Compare Himself to Reagan

February 4, 2010

Gov. Charlie Crist (RINO-FL), who is vying for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate against conservative Marco Rubio (R-FL), tried to compare himself to Ronald Reagan, saying: “If I’m a RINO, then so is Ronald Reagan. I’m [a] less taxing, less spending, less government, more freedom kind of guy and I just take a [...]

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The Oregon Trail Leads to Michigan

January 27, 2010

Metaphorically, that is.  The voters of the State of Oregon yesterday passed ballot resolution that raised taxes on those making over $250,000 / year, and on businesses, including a higher minimum corporate tax and a surcharge on profits.  So let me get this straight.  Increase taxes on the people that buy things.  Increase taxes on [...]

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How Not to Fix an Economy

January 12, 2010

How do you tank an already bad economy?  The Democrats have sure found many ways to do it so far, from destroying the dollar to increasing the deficit to unprecedented levels, to raising taxes.  Now, they want to apply the Medicare withholding to investment income to pay for ObamaCare in order to exempt the unions [...]

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Obama Snafu on Stephanopoulos

September 21, 2009

The only bit of buzz that came out of Obama’s Fox-less tour of the (yawn) Sunday shows was this exchange between Obama and former Clintonista George Stephanopoulos on the issue of whether or not the mandatory insurance fine provision in the Baucus Plan adds up to a big tax increase: Of course, this from the same [...]

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Boehner on the Cap-and-Trade Bill

June 28, 2009

Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner was quoted as saying this about the energy bill which just passed the House Friday: “Hey, people deserve to know what’s in this pile of sh-t.”  I could not agree with him more.  The House passed possibly the most economically destructive bill in a century on Friday 219-212, with 44 Dems jumping [...]

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RI Teaparty Storms Capital

June 11, 2009

Rhode Island (my native state) held a Tea Party protest yesterday to specifically protest increased taxes and the lack of substantial spending cuts in this year’s fiscal budget.  The protest drew over 1,000 people, with about 500 or so admitted into the capital building to protest in front of legislators offices.  The protest received a [...]

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A Conservative Shift in California

May 12, 2009

California has been a bastion of liberalism for the last 20+ years, not having supported a Republican for President since 1988, and being known for its bloated government and liberal social policy.  Yet, as I’ve often theorized, liberalism as an agenda is not sustainable, and eventually even places like California will reach a tipping point [...]

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The Tax Increase of Cap and Trade

March 11, 2009

Barack Obama campaigned and still maintains that 95% of all Americans will receive a tax cut, and only the top 2% will receive a tax increase.  If one is talking about income taxes, this may be technically true, although the claim itself is somewhat dubious.  Leaving that discussion to another day, however, the sum of [...]

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Taxing the Rich Won’t Cover Our Spending

February 26, 2009

Obama famously said throughout the campaign and again on Tuesday night that no one who makes less than $250,000 will get a tax increase.  At the same time he claims that the budget deficit will be cut in half by the end of his first term. The numbers, however, don’t add up.  Leaving aside the [...]

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Bad Economic Policy

February 21, 2009

The stock market is down 10% since Obama’s inauguration.  The deficit has just been tripled by the stimulus.  So what is Obama’s plan?  He is proposing to balance the federal budget by raising taxes on both the wealthy and businesses, as well as cut funding to the military in Afganastan and Iraq. All of this [...]

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Obama Win Triggers Market Fall

November 6, 2008

Yesterday, the DOW dropped 500 points, signaling the biggest post-election day drop in the Dow’s history.  While the media is not mentioning the fact that this may be the result of the election of a socialist, I think it is highly possible.  The economic policies of Barack Obama and the Democrats are going to be [...]

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McGovern in a Reagan Mask

September 22, 2008

We recently had a discussion about Barack Obama’s “tax cut” plan, the one that redistributes income to those who don’t pay taxes. Informed people aren’t buying it, but it was a smart move for someone trying to win an election in a conservative country. Today, Obama paid lip service to another prong of fiscal conservatism, [...]

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