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Tax the Rich, Until They Go Galt Anyway

November 29, 2012

The United States isn’t the only country operating under the delusion that it has a revenue problem.  The UK, a country whose welfare state is even more bloated than ours, thought the same thing when it decided to increase taxes on its wealthiest citizens to 50 percent.  Predictably, the tax didn’t solve the non-existent revenue [...]

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Axis of Right Radio, Show #13, July 21, 2011

July 21, 2011

Episode #13 of Axis of Right Radio is now available. In this unlucky episode #13 (in which much of the podcast made the cutting room floor), Axis of Right takes a look at the ongoing debt ceiling debate, and then has a roundtable of various topics ranging from Derek Jeter’s 3000th career hit to how [...]

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White House Floats Drive and Tax Trial Balloon

May 5, 2011

The Obama Administration tells us it’s an early draft, so they’re not actually proposing to tax drivers by the mile.  The idea is just something which people liberal enough to be employed by the White House as staffers responsible for drafting legislative proposals thought would be a good idea that the President could support, so [...]

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The Compliance Cost of the Tax Code

April 13, 2010

The income tax code is a huge drain on the American economy.  The amount of money spent on income taxes for wasteful programs, not to mention the economic cost of lost opportunity from money not being in the free market, is staggering.  Even the cost of actually preparing our tax returns and paying our taxes [...]

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The Expiration of Obama’s Tax Pledge

February 13, 2010

As we know, Obama’s promises all come with an expiration date.  It appears that the most famous of his promises, the no new taxes pledge for those making less than $250k is nearing that expiration date, as he now mentions that he is agnostic about not raising taxes.  You be the judge – when will [...]

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Economic Growth Not as Robust as it Appears

February 1, 2010

Last week, economic data came out that showed a robust 5.7 growth rate in GDP in the fourth quarter of 2009.  While many of us rightly celebrated the return of American prosperity, it appears that the number may be slightly misleading.  Investors Business Daily has done an analysis on the GDP growth, and shows it [...]

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Come On Ride the Subway

January 15, 2010

The New York Post is reporting that its much easier to ride the New York City subway as of late because job losses during 2009 has caused a decline in the number of people riding public transit.  That’s probably part of the reason.  But as Sweetness & Light points out, the economic downturn can’t be [...]

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“Atlas” Has an Itch

October 6, 2009

Wealthy people are leaving the tax-hell of New York, while 45% of doctors would consider quitting if Obama Care were enacted.  Scary prospects for New York’s looter class and the nation as a whole, respectfully, when those who produce, create, innovate and do the hard work at the top are abused to the point of [...]

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Is This Obama’s “Read My Lips” Moment?

August 2, 2009

“Read My Lips.  NO NEW TAXES.”  This was one of George H.W. Bush’s most infamous campaign slogans during the 1988 Presidentail campaign.  It was a memorable pledge, it received lots of airtime, and it came back to bite him in a big way, possibly costing him reelection in 1992. Now, Obama is on the verge [...]

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Californians Vote for Fiscal Responsibility

May 20, 2009

Californians rejected a series of ballot measures yesterday that would have significantly raised their taxes so that the state could address its severe budget deficit without any major cuts in spending.  According to the liberal SFGate, the state will now be forced to “consider deeper cuts to education, public safety and health and human services.”  [...]

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Credit Card Bill of Rights? We Need a Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights!

May 14, 2009

You shouldn’t need a magnifying glass or a law degree to read the fine print that sometimes doesn’t even appear to be written in English.  –Barack Obama Those words were spoken by The One this morning at a town hall meeting, speaking of the so-called “Credit Card Bill of Rights.”  It is a favorite tactic [...]

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The End of American Economic Prominence

May 12, 2009

With the Obama administration, we are likely reaching the end of our economic financial prominence.  Obama’s proposals create an anti-competitive environment, and put us at a disadvantage with the rest of the world.  Take the Corporate Income Tax.  The U.S. Corporate Income Tax is currently set at 35%.  However, companies who do international business, and [...]

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Tea Party Movement Goes Local

May 6, 2009

Since the Tax Day Tea Parties on April 15, there has been much discussion on what to do with the Tea Party movement after the big protest.  Jim Geraghty of National Review’s Campaign Spot suggested that Conservatives get involved and organized at the local level, starting at local city councils and school boards.  Getting 1,000 [...]

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Tax Day: On Taxes and Tea Parties

April 15, 2009

Today is April 15, the day that federal income tax returns are due to the Department of the Treasury.  It is a good time to remind ourselves how oppressive the tax code is.  Our tax code is probably among the most complicated codes in the world.  While the trend among world nations is to move [...]

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Minimum Level of Thought Behind Proposal for Minimum Price for Alcohol

March 15, 2009

The British government is considering a proposal that would establish a minimum price for certain alcoholic beverages.  According to the proposal’s proponents, the law would be justified because underage drinking is putting a strain on the government-run National Health Service.  The proposal is flawed for all of the personal liberty reasons most of us cherish.  [...]

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On D.C. Statehood and Taxation

March 12, 2009

When the argument surrounding D.C. Statehood comes up, the frequent mantra used is the old Revolutionary War Phrase, “No Taxation Without Representation.”  The current bill in Congress to give D.C. “voting rights” in congress is flawed because it is unconstitutional.  There are remedies, such as making much of the city of Washington, D.C. a state, [...]

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Taxing the Rich to the Extreme

February 24, 2009

Currently, the highest tax bracket is for those making over $250,000.  Under the Bush tax cuts, they are taxed at a rate of 35% (still too high in my opinion).  This figure will increase to 39% when the Bush tax cuts expire, or when Obama raises them, whichever comes first.  Yet there are elected Democrats [...]

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National Mileage Tax Means Big Brother is Coming

February 20, 2009

For the past few weeks since Obama’s Inauguration, I’ve felt like I’ve been living in George Orwell’s novel, 1984.  With the proposed restrictions on Speech with the Fairness Doctrine, the Orwellian rephrasing of language, and the possible civilian army.  Now, with a government proposal for a national mileage tax to replace the gas tax, utilizing [...]

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Obama Cabinet Limbo

February 2, 2009

Tom Daschle, President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, apologized earlier today for failing to pay $120,000 in taxes.  Predictably, Obama is standing by his man in a way the voters of South Dakota did not in 2004. Oddly enough, the fact that a public official skipped out on paying his taxes [...]

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The Answer to NY’s Budget Woes: Tax EVERYTHING!

December 17, 2008

New York Governor David Paterson is acting exactly the way Democrats do when dealing with budget issues: cut little meaningless stuff if anything at all, and make sure you get creative in raising existing taxes or by creating brand new taxes.  You’ve probably heard the details by now, but just in case here are a few new taxes [...]

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It’s Our Money, Congressman!

November 19, 2008

Neil Cavuto had Congressman Joe Knollenberg (R-MI) on his show last night to discuss the proposed automobile bailout.  Now, I understand the importance of the auto industry for Michigan, but Knollenberg, in arguing with Cavuto, stated that the government’s money is not our money. Knollenberg has a point about the auto industry doing everything that [...]

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The Incredible Shrinking Middle Class

October 31, 2008

The Left can’t seem to help themselves in lowering the threshold to be considered part of the middle class when it comes to tax increases and cuts. Throughout the campaign, Obama claimed that the magic number was $250,000.  In the last week, he’s dropped it to $200,000, and then Biden referred to it as $150,000.  [...]

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Whatever You Do To The Least of My Brothers…

October 31, 2008

One of the areas of liberalism that really irks me is how the Liberal elite is so hypocritical regarding their so-called “concern” for the poor, and their “compassion.”  Barack Obama is the quintessential example of this.  At the Saddleback Churcn forum, Obama described as America’s greatest moral failing its failure to live up to the [...]

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Obama’s Marxist Worldview Revealed

October 13, 2008

For those of you not convinced that Obama believes in the redistribution of wealth, Obama encountered a plumber in Ohio this weekend, whos plumbing business makes more than $250k.   The plumber asked Obama “Why do you want to raise my taxes?  My business makes more than $250k a year.”  Obama’s reply?  It’s not that I want to punish [...]

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The Myth of the Obama Tax Cuts

October 13, 2008

One of Obama’s mantras this election season is the claim that he will give a Tax Cut to 95% of working families.  This claim has contributed to taking McCain off his game, and has shattered the accurate perception that Democrats raise taxes. The Wall Street Journal today has written a great piece debunking this myth.  [...]

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Vote Democrat for Higher Taxes

October 29, 2007

When I was six, I remember my parents following the 1984 Presidential Election.  My mother had gotten two bumper stickers, one red one that just had the words “Reagan” on it, and a blue one that said, “Vote Mondale for Higher Taxes.”  Even at six, I instinctively knew that higher taxes were a bad thing.   The bumper sticker above should be [...]

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November 4, 2005

If we took Ryan’s guidelines for government spending, the marginal tax rate could probably be dropped to 10% or under. This would spur the economy to a levels never seen, and make us extremely competitive compared to the rest of the world. By the way, Happy Birthday Ryan!

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A Long Way To Go

November 2, 2005

Colorado voters yesterday approved a measure that would force citizens to give up their state tax refunds 53%-47%. While we recognize the right of the people to make a decision in a free election such as this, it shows that there is still much debate and education of our conservative ideas and principles required. This [...]

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