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Former Senator Ted Stevens Dies in Plane Crash

August 10, 2010

Former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens was killed in a plane crash today at age 86.  Authorities at this moment are still not releasing info regarding who else on board this single-engine plane was killed, but we do know that some survived. Stevens was the longest serving Republican Senator in American history with a long and [...]

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Another One Bites the Dust: Ted Stevens Loses Senate Seat

November 18, 2008

The Republican Party lost another Senate seat tonight as Mark Begich defeated Senator Ted Stevens by a slim margin.  With two races still up in the air, the Democrats will hold at least 58 Senate seats when the new Congress is sworn in. It is rarely a good thing when the Democrats gain a Republican [...]

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Ted Stevens Indicted

July 29, 2008

Former Senate Pro-Temp Alaska Senator Ted Stevens (R) was indicted today on seven counts of making false statements about gifts he received from an oil contractor seeking Washington’s help.  It’s evident that from 1999-2006 Stevens was making false statements about this relationship.  The issue is not bribery, however, just an 84 year old forgetting about gifts [...]

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