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Thomas Sowell

Dispelling the Myths of the Government Shutdown

October 12, 2013

Thomas Sowell has a fantastic piece that dispels many myths regarding the government shutdown.  First, he points out how, step by step, the Democrats are responsible for the shutdown, not the GOP.  Most importantly, though, he dispels the myth that it is somehow invalid for the House Republicans to defund Obamacare: Whether Obamacare is good, [...]

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Thomas Sowell Smacks the Roots of Obamanomics

May 31, 2011

Economist Thomas Sowell wrote a succinct yet stinging rejection of Obamanomics and its redistributive motives.  Using historical examples and delving into Obama’s background and actions as president, Sowell demolishes Obama’s “seductive” feel-good politics of class warfare, even taking a swipe at race-baiting politics while he’s at it!  It’s quick, insightful, and definitely worth a read.

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