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China’s Uighur Problem Only a Symptom

July 8, 2009

As Chinese President Hu Jintao joins the G-8 Summit in Italy, problems linger across China.  Seriously, what the heck was a “uighur” just a few months ago?  Now they’re rioting in the streets and around have 156 died while over a thousand have been “rounded-up” Chinese-style as a result: It’s this very internal domestic tumult (first the Tibetans, then [...]

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The 2008 Beijing Olympics

August 8, 2008

Berlin 1936:  Hitler’s Nazi Germany hosts the Olympics not only to showcase the prosperity which National Socialism had brought the Reich in the middle of the Great Depression, but also to bask in the attention given to such clean streets and orderly very white people. Beijing 2008 will not sell such a facade.  We all know the deal [...]

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Tibet: China’s Bane

March 15, 2008

New violence this week in Tibet reminds the world what a repressive place China remains.  China says ten people have died, the Dalai Lama’s people say 30, with hundreds under arrest for protesting 49 years of Chinese repression on the anniversary of China’s brutal crackdown and the political exile of the Dalai Lama.  In this matter I [...]

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