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Obama Administration: the Tea Party Should Love Me Too

April 19, 2010

Why not?  Right? We all love Obama, and the Tea Party should too!  Just ignore your principles. Apparently, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner had to let us all know on Meet the Press yesterday that Obama has done more to cut spending than Bush did (let’s just not consider the $787 billion stimulus slush fund and [...]

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Is This Obama’s “Read My Lips” Moment?

August 2, 2009

“Read My Lips.  NO NEW TAXES.”  This was one of George H.W. Bush’s most infamous campaign slogans during the 1988 Presidentail campaign.  It was a memorable pledge, it received lots of airtime, and it came back to bite him in a big way, possibly costing him reelection in 1992. Now, Obama is on the verge [...]

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Credit Card Bill of Rights? We Need a Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights!

May 14, 2009

You shouldn’t need a magnifying glass or a law degree to read the fine print that sometimes doesn’t even appear to be written in English.  –Barack Obama Those words were spoken by The One this morning at a town hall meeting, speaking of the so-called “Credit Card Bill of Rights.”  It is a favorite tactic [...]

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AIG Bonus Outrage is a Distraction

March 18, 2009

The circus that  is the AIG Bonus Outrage is a typical Washington case of wag-the-dog.  The bonuses were retention bonuses to keep employees who were laid off as part of the AIG restructuring, but needed for a specified amount of time for a transition.  AIG was legally-required to pay these bonuses, and it was even [...]

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Judd Gregg to Team Obama: Your Budget is a Lie

March 13, 2009

The appointment and withdrawal of Sen. Judd Gregg consideration for the post of Commerce Secretary was a fortunate occurrence for Republicans.  His criticisms now carry some perceived extra weight, because he was deemed a good choice for a leadership role by Barack Obama, so any criticism now leveled at him from the Obama Administration can [...]

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Obama In Over His Head

March 11, 2009

The signs are becoming increasingly clear that Obama is in way over his head.  Supporters tout the quick passage of the stimulus and omnibus, but those were practically inevitable given the large majorities enjoyed by the Democrats in Congress.  Yet with the first fifty days of his presidency in the history books, his missteps far [...]

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The Inmates In Charge of the Asylum

February 11, 2009

I’ve been watching in somewhat horror the events of the last few weeks unfold.  We have this major financial crisis, which consists primarily of a series of bad assets that were created and fostered by liberal government programs.  And how are we trying to fix it?  With more liberal government programs.  TARP, by all accounts, [...]

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On Leaders and Taxes

February 4, 2009

What is it with Democrats and Taxes?  Why is it that out of the advisers and cabinet picks that Obama has made over the last two months, one is under federal investigation and three have had tax problems?  Liberals are so quick to say that paying taxes is patriotic, or that people don’t pay enough [...]

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Obama Cabinet Limbo

February 2, 2009

Tom Daschle, President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, apologized earlier today for failing to pay $120,000 in taxes.  Predictably, Obama is standing by his man in a way the voters of South Dakota did not in 2004. Oddly enough, the fact that a public official skipped out on paying his taxes [...]

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Had Enough of TARP? Here Comes BARF!

January 30, 2009

First, there was the “Troubled Asset Relief Program” (TARP) which was the first nauseating bailout last fall.  Well, tax-cheat and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has an idea about what to do now that TARP has not really helped get the markets moving:  what Liz Moyer calls “BARF”, or the Bad Asset Repository Fund!  Here’s the [...]

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