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Coulter Banned from NBC?

January 6, 2009

According to Druge, Coulter has been banned from NBC “for life”.  A recently-scheduled appearance on NBC’s Today Show to promote her new book, Guilty.  According to Drudge’s sources at NBC, the theme of the book, which exposes the Media’s unprecedented bias in the 2008 Presidential Election, was the reason for the cancellation. The ironic thing [...]

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McCain Gaffe on Iraq? — You Decide

June 11, 2008

John “F’in” Kerry and the Obama campaign are pouncing on John McCain’s statement this morning on the Today Show, calling McCain “out of touch” and “confused” with his own stated opinions.  The above video clip shows you what McCain really said, and this link shows how the Dems reacted to it. Make up your own [...]

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