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Tom Brokaw

Second Presidential Debate Preview

October 7, 2008

Tonight is the Second Presidential Debate between Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama.  The debate is in a town-hall format, where selected undecided voters will ask questions as determined by Drive-By Media anchor Tom Brokaw.  The Town Hall Debate format has been in existence at the presidential level since the 1992 election between President [...]

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Tim Russert’s Empty Chair

June 15, 2008

As we all know author, political commentator, and moderator of NBC’s popular Meet the Press, Tim Russert, died on Friday from a heart attack while at work, recording voice-overs for today’s wow. This morning NBC honored him by having today’s Meet the Press be about him, beginning the show with Russert’s chair, empty.  Then, Tom Brokaw moderated a [...]

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