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Town Hall Meetings

It’s August — Town Hall Time!!!

August 9, 2013

In August, Congress is in recess and some members actually hear from their constituents, traditionally in a town hall format.  It’s great seeing regular people speak truth to power, watching our elected officials squirm, pander or agree with that frustration.  Here’s a snippet from a Maryland town hall reported by Fox: At the end of [...]

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Where Did All the Town Hall Meetings Go?

August 24, 2011

This August, only 40% of the members of Congress are holding town hall meetings to hear directly from their constituents.  When you break down the numbers further, 51% of Republicans and a whopping 68% of Democrats are not bothering to hold these types of meetings! Security is not the issue, given the increased focus on [...]

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Shouting Down the House

August 4, 2009

It’s been great to see all these town hall meetings going on across the land where Dems defending Obamacare without having read the bill are getting an earful from their constituents.  I also love that the Left is completely frustrated by concerned citizens they essentially call a Republican “mob.” However, in all the excitement something [...]

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