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UK Election

Gordon Brown Resigns

May 11, 2010

Well that was fast.  Gordon Brown is at Buckingham Palace at this very moment to resign as Prime Minister.  David Cameron will meet with the Queen and be appointed Prime Minster shortly after Brown exits stage left.

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British Election Night Liveblog

May 6, 2010

Gordon Brown has dragged this out for as long as he could.  Tonight, the British people finally have their say over the way Brown managed the country since 2007.  From 4:55 p.m. Eastern Time here in the US, C-Span 3 will be simulcasting the BBC’s election night coverage and we’ll be liveblogging the election results.   [...]

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“American Style” Debates Brought Even More Uncertainty to British Election

May 4, 2010

Our politically-minded British friends have a saying that goes “Oppositions don’t win elections.  Governments lose them.“  Under normal circumstances, when the Prime Minister becomes unpopular enough, the voters fire the party in power and the Leader of the Opposition takes his place.  That’s why British politicians are considered as standing for office rather than running [...]

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