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The Tech Vote: An Opportunity for Conservatives and the GOP

November 27, 2012

As a software engineer by trade, I spend a lot of time reading technology news, interacting with members of the tech community, and hearing their opinions on things.  Leading up to election day, many tech sites got involved in electoral politics by writing about technology issues and by endorsing candidates.  They almost exclusively endorsed Barack [...]

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U.N. Official: Israel in Gaza Worse than Nazi Camps

May 14, 2010

The civilized world should be grateful for the moral clarity and leadership coming out of the United Nations.  Take Ali Abdussalam Treki, President of the United Nations General Assembly, who recently claimed in an interview on Syrian television that the Israeli “siege in Gaza” was worse than the Nazi camps of the past.  Of course [...]

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Climate Change is Natural? You Don’t Say…

December 15, 2009

Today, the UK’s Daily Express listed 100 Reasons why climate change is natural.  Well, of course it is!  But, apparently with all the craziness in Copenhagen, this UK news source has decided to list some pretty common sense factoids for one to chew on. Not all on this list are completely airtight, but neither are [...]

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New U.S. Policy – Side With Dictators Against Free Speech

October 7, 2009

More evidence that the U.N. is useless:  the human rights commission is made up of mostly nations that have horrific human rights records.  During the last few years of the Bush administration, America had boycotted the council for just this reason.  Now, Obama has decided to join it, and help to push an agenda that [...]

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Why The United Nations is Useless

October 5, 2009

Conservatives for years have been contending that the United Nations is a useless, ineffective organization that caters to dictators and rogue nations.  In an interview yesterday International Atomic Energy Agency (an independent organization that reports to the UN) director-general Mohamed ElBaradei spoke about the security in the Middle East.  He also identified what he saw [...]

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Berkley, CA, Thinks They Are An Independent Nation

September 30, 2009

The City Council of Berkley, CA, voted to become signatories to the U.N. treaties on human rights, torture, and racial discrimination.  Now, I knew liberals often lived in delusional realities, but I never thought a liberal city council would consider themselves an independent nation, capable of signing U.N. treaties.  I wish some independent, Conservative lawyer [...]

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Obama Can’t Be Bothered To Meet With His Generals

September 29, 2009

President Obama touted the importance of the Afghanistan war during the 2008 election campaign.  He consistently accused Bush of ignoring that campaign, and focusing too much on the Iraq front.  Obama promised that when he was president, he would take whatever steps necessary to obtain victory in Afghanistan (wait, we can’t say victory anymore, can [...]

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Netanyahu Calls Out the UN

September 25, 2009

Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech to the United Nations stating plainly that Iran is insidiously destabilizing the region through proxy wars, openly threatening Israel while denying the Holocaust, and thumbing its nose at the IAEA (not big deal there, but an honorable mention seemed obligatory).  Hence, a stronger hand is needed by [...]

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U.N. Chasing a Dream

September 24, 2009

Members of the United Nations Security Council put their differences aside earlier today and passed a resolution committing themselves to a world without nuclear weapons.  Not only was the vote overwhelming, it was unanimous.  Even Russia and China agreed to pursue a situation in which they get rid of their weapons. Today’s vote tells us [...]

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Trying the Same Thing Repeatedly With North Korea Expecting Different Results

May 26, 2009

Some say the definition of insanity is to try the same thing repeatedly expecting different results.  That just about sums up the cumulative foreign policy of the last three administrations on dealing with North Korea.  On Sunday, North Korea announced that it had conducted a successful nuclear test (which the available data confirms), and also [...]

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UN Takes on Russian Invasion

August 11, 2008

…And I’m sure Putin is reeeally shuddering!  Of course, it’s only a matter for the UN because Georgia’s Black Sea oil supply-line and port is being targeted, otherwise they’d wait for a few more Russian-on-Georgian calamities, like a decade of famine or ethnic cleansing policies, to take place. Either way, Russia’s Security Council veto will be exercised [...]

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Olmert to Resign

July 30, 2008

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said today that he is not going to run again as leader of the Kadima Party after the September 17 primary elections.  He’s leaving it for his Kadima successor to try and put together a governing coalition.  I’m not an Olmert fan — two summers ago, shelling an border fighting caused two Israelis to [...]

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The UN – Champion of Human Rights and Equality

November 4, 2005

Another example of the UN’s championing of human rights and equality for all is found in a story linked off Drudge today. Composer Mikis Theodorakis was awarded with a peace and humanity award by the United Nations. What is not mentioned in this story is that Mikis, one who works for peace and equality, once [...]

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