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The US Navy Has Frickin’ Laser Beams!

February 17, 2014

This summer, the US Navy will deploy its latest weapon system:  a laser beam! While only to be used for “asymmetric” threats, it’s still pretty cool that the military believes such a weapon is deployment-ready!  The article indicates that the weapon’s not so good in bad weather, but for small potential threats in a calm [...]

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Frickin’ Laser Beams!

July 20, 2010

The US Navy now has laser beams which can take down drones from seafaring military ships!  Apparently, the salt air weakens the strength of the beam (I have no idea why, but it does), however this problem has been overcome by the good people at Raytheon.  Though the “Laser Weapon System” is not ready for [...]

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The Pirates Call Our Bluff

April 11, 2009

To paraphrase Rush from yesterday, America’s reaction to the taking of Captain Richard Phillips Wednesday by Somali pirates is the foreign policy equivalent of voting “Present.” Now, due to the US waffling and inaction the four Somali pirates on a powerless lifeboat are demanding $2 million for Phillips while a second ship has been hijacked by other pirates.  [...]

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