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William Ayers

Obama: Tied to ACORN

October 14, 2008

The McCain campaign has spent much time during this latest news cycle going after Obama’s ties to unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers.  There are many other dubious associations in Obama’s corrupt machine-politics Chicago past.  One of these which is which is equally as damning as Ayers, and even more relevant to the current debate going on in [...]

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Town Hall Presidential Debate Wrapup

October 8, 2008

I’ve been thinking about much of what happened last night, and the state of the election, as well as reading others reactions.  Some random thoughts of mine, or other points of interest that I have read since the debate.  This was by far one of the most boring, pointless debates I have watched.  The town hall [...]

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How McCain Can Win

October 6, 2008

bJohn McCain is currently behind in Presidential election by three to eight points, depending on the poll.  With only a month less to go, McCain’s current strategy is obviously not working.  During the last two weeks, the Obama campaign has succeeded in defining the narrative of the day.  McCain needs aggressively to go on the offensive [...]

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Palin Highlights Obama-Ayers Connection

October 5, 2008

Finally, it seems like someone on the McCain-Palin ticket actually wants to win this election!  In her latest rounds of stump speeches, Palin is highlighting Obama’s unsavory connection to Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers.  It’s about time that this relationship be vetted. The Obama Campaign is trying to laugh this off, calling it “desperate” and [...]

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Obama Talks to Chris Wallace

April 27, 2008

Until this morning, Obama has ducked Fox News for the entire campaign and WOW! was my B.S.-o-meter on overdrive! On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Barack Obama showed himself to be an articulate, yet condescending liberal elitist trying to sound human who revealed that he knows nothing about the challenges of globalization, tax policy, or foreign policy.  Chris Wallace [...]

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